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Lipolaser Sauna Spray Tanning Skin Tags

Skin Sheek Clear + Tanning


VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan

$35+ a session

The VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan System provides a premium in-salon spray tan experience. Our open-concept spray tan booth provides a comfortably heated environment and an easy-to-relax experience, resulting in a beautiful, professional-grade spray tan. From a subtle tan to looking like you just came back from an island vacation - the choice is yours! We also offer a personal spray tan booth for complete privacy should you not wish to have an experienced Hello, Sugar employee assist you with your tanning goals.

Hello, Sugar offers a variety of single tanning sessions, packages, Pre- and post- tan treatment add-ons, and more. Please contact us for more information. 

Clear by Skin Sheek


This device is used to treat minor skin irregularities, usually in one treatment. Immediate results within seconds – Minor to no discomfort – No down time, at a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments.

Cherry Angioma/Skin Tag Removal

1 -2 Spot treatment - $50

3 -4 Spot Treatment -$60

5+ Spot Treatment - $75

(make take more than one treatment)


Skin irregularity treatment

To help remove: Cherry Angiomas, Black & White Heads, Clogged Pores, Milia, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Age or Sun Spots, Seborrheic Keratosis, Acne Cysts, Skin Tags, Raised Warts, Cholesterol Deposits, Xanthelasma, Fibromas. 

15min treatment $100

30min treatment $150


Must book a Skin sheek skin anaylsis first and then we will book you in house for the appointment. 

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