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Sugaring and Waxing in Douglas

Sugaring & Waxing Services



*We now offer Sugar, Hard wax & Soft Wax Options*

     Service Packages available


Brow $15


Lip, Chin, Ears, or Nose $12

Full Face
$45 (Women)
Hair removal of the full face, includes shaping of brows.

Under Arms $22 (Women/Men)

Hair removal of both under arms.

Half Arms $40+ (Women/Men)

Shoulder to elbow or elbow to hand. Both arms.

Full Arms $55+ (Women/Men)

Shoulder to hand. Both arms.

Hiney Strip - Women $12/Men $15

Strip in between the cheeks

Sweet Cheeks  -  Women $17/Men $20

Top of both cheeks. Does not include in between.

Half Legs - Women $50/Men $55

Top of the thigh to the knee or knee to toes. Both legs.

Full Legs -  Women $95/Men $105

Top of the thigh to toes. Both legs.

Stomach Trail - $5 (Women)

Belly button to pant line.

Tummy Sugar - $30 (Women)

Bra line to pant line.

Chest or Back $55 & up (Women/Men)

Top of shoulders to pant line. Front or back.

Basic Bikini - Women $30/Men $35

Directly along the panty/speedo line. 

Extended Bikini - Women $40/Men $55

High cut panty/speedo line. Leaves a triangle shape on top.

New Client Brazilian - $65 (Women)

Completely bare front to back.

Returning Client Nude Brazilian - $55 (Women)

Completely bare front to back.

(Sugaring can be done during your cycle. If you use a fresh tamp, diva cup (something similar) or if you don't use either of those, please contact me and I can make special arrangements for you. Cancellation fee still applies.)

Brozilian Sugar $65 - (Men) 

(must call to schedule)
Completely bare front to back.

Full Leg with Bikini - 
Women $105

Top of the thigh, the bikini line & all the way to the toes.

Full Leg with Nude Brazilian -
Women $135

Completely bare front to back Brazilian, top of the thigh & all the way to the toes.

* All sugaring services require a minimum of 2 weeks worth of growth*


After your service

You may rinse the area, but refrain from using cleansers, creams, oils or lotions for 24-48 hours.

Stay away from hot tubs, hot showers, hot baths, sunbathing, sweating, tanning and sunless tanning for 24-48 hours.

Avoid tight clothing

No exercising 24 hours after sugaring

*Intimate areas*

No sex 24-48 hours after sugaring.

Yes, you can still get a Brazilian during your cycle and pregnancy.

It will be more sensitive - Keep that in mind!

For best results we recommend coming back between 3-4 weeks!

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